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VN CHEMICALS Dealer and Suppliers of Water Treatment Chemicals and Service Providers to HVAC Products Boiler & Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals, R.O. Anti-scale & cleaning chemicals, Fireside Treatment Chemicals, Sugar Process Chemicals, All types Water and Soil Testing Kits, Thermometers and CHLORINE DIOXIDE (LIQUID, POWDER, TABLET AND GAS and many more. The range of products which we offer is highly acclaimed for its premium quality, effectiveness, accurate composition, high purity and many more properties VN CHEMICALS offers total water management solutions for industry, homes and communities.

The company’s position of strength has been attained by its focus on technological advancement through continuous R&D and with the best specialist water treatment companies. which receives equal attention, offering technology with people trained to manage it responsibly. And above all, by commitment to customer satisfaction, fulfilling needs with value added solutions.

The company uses its wide range of processes and an integrated approach to deliver total solutions for every market – household, institutional, commercial, industrial and public water supplies, urban and rural. Comprehensive services such as O&M and A.M.C. enable the company to meet customer needs totally, offering end benefit conveniently and economically, with single source responsibility.

Pre-treatment: process water/liquid treatment, waste water treatment, water recycle and product recovery using various physic-chemical processes for settling, clarification, filtration and disinfection, membrane.

The company has provided installations for diverse industries in India from small scale to large scale projects. The company has an in depth understanding and knowledge of the Indian market

TO PROTECT NATURE TO RESPECT NATURE: Protecting nature to respect nature the byproducts of water treatment are no longer a danger to the environment. VN CHEMICALS has a range of special treatment processes designed all current and foreseeable standards and directives. The company offers technical expertise to industrial the preservation of natural areas

QUALITY CHARTER HYDROTREAT: relies on respect for its Clients: quality therefore begins by listening to their needs. Quality involves: meeting the commitments made, controlling the processes, deadlines and budgets, improving the cost effectiveness in a spirit of partnership, asserting our competitiveness. Quality is a long-drawn-out task that is built by teamwork with sound values: rigor, responsibility and professionalism.

QUALITY ASSURANCE: Quality management revolves around the Quality Assurance Manual. The principles of this organization meet the criteria of the standard that governs the design and production of water treatment plants. The fields concerned include: definition of the treatment process, design, study and installation, supply of equipment and materials, supervision of work at the site, commissioning and installation, after-sales support and related services.

THE CLIENT: Our main concern is the client. We need to meet our client’s requirements while helping him understand and control the components of his project. This compliance must be found within the company, in the quality and professionalism of the interaction between the various administrative or operational entities of the group.

THE ECONOMIC SUBSTANCE: Handling a project means controlling its costs. The care taken in corporate decision-making must be the same as the care taken when making technological choices. THE COMMITMENT Rigor, responsibility and a sense of initiative are the concepts that make up the enterprise’s commitment, the basis of turnkey engineering. We had highly qualified team for designing, erection, & commissioning of the plants, We always in touch with our associated top technical people all over the World to meet any challenge, for giving our plant an unique designing & 100 % result oriented.

The Company HYDRO TREATS. Also in Chemicals with its collaborated company, this had a very good record in chemicals. In Process (Boiler, Cooling, Decaling, Ant scaling & Firesides Fuel additive) as well as in Waste (E.T.P. Chemicals) and Water Treatment Disinfected Chemicals, we are also supply good quality water & Soil Testing Kits and Thermometers Industrial Cleaning Chemicals like (Floor Cleaner / Glass Cleaner/ Sanitizers / Economic Multipurpose and Bio Car cleaner.